Thick-lipped Gourami (Colisa labiosa)

Full Name:  Thick-lipped Gourami
Scientific Name:
  Colisa labiosa

   The hick-lipped Gourami has an elongated, ovule-shaped body with lateral compression. The caudal fin is fan-shaped and the ventral fins are long and slender-almost thread-like. The body color varies, but the back is usually dark orange-brown, while the belly is dark turquoise. The flanks are orange-brown with alternating transverse, turquoise stripes. The ventral fins are orange to red, while the anal fin is is bluish with a white to orange edging. The caudal fin is dull orange, and the dorsal fin is also dull orange. The iris of the eye may be orange. Females are less colorful, with a white-silver belly region.

An easily satisfied, robust species that feels especially at home in well planted tanks with plenty of light. Very suitable for community aquariums. Less colourful than others in its family species.

The hick-lipped Gourami is a bubble-nest builder that can lay up to 600 eggs.

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