Blood Tetra (Hyphessobrycon Callistus)

Full Name:  Blood Tetra
Scientific Name:
  Hyphessobrycon Callistus

The Blood Tetra is a laterally compressed, deep-bodied fish. The base body color is brilliant red to reddish brown. A black spot is located just behind the gill cover and ranges in size depending on the age of the individual. It lessens in size with age. The black dorsal fin is tall and has a white fringe. The tail, pectoral, and pelvic fins are red. The pelvic fins have a white fringe. The anal fin is red, but has a black and white fringe.

They are usually a good community fish. Keep in groups of six or more fish. Individuals behave towards each other much like Piranhas, as weaker fish are bitten and attacked, although they are not usually killed. This aggressive behavior can usually be attributed to a lack of food.

The Blood Tetra is easy to breed in soft, peat-filtered water. Feed the young small crustaceans, Infusoria, egg yolk, and later, crushed dry food.

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